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Ich liebe es dich zu lieben... das schönste Gefühl auf Erden

Dieses Thema im Forum "Aufgeschrieben" wurde erstellt von LovePeaceJoy, 18. Mai 2013.

  1. Scirocco88

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    13. August 2017
    Mitten im Herzen

    My love... what a mysterious night
    our balloon taking flight over the highest mountains of Asia
    and again we are flying over endless deserts
    the winds blowing from the North and taking us to the South of Asia
    we are still over China on the way to Myamar
    there are visions there are memories

    we are riding on through the nigh
    I take you with me my love on this journey
    where the boundaries of time are now tossed

    do we find the answers?
    do we ask the questions?
    do we find the roots of an ancient tree?
    I take you dancing
    I take you singing
    we ride on till the moon meets the sea

    the owl is still with us
    the spirit of Abraham is present
    we feel the high vibrational frequency
    that is impossible to explain
    it is the feeling
    it is the feeling of
    pure bliss
    pure joy
    pure ecstacy
    we are blessed
    we are gifted
    we are flying so high
    we can reach the sky

    we can ask the questions
    we now can get the answers...

    What is enlightment ?

    the owl looking to us
    with mild eyes so wise
    in a starry night
    the sky with stars shining so bride
    that it takes my breath away

    "Enlightment is
    when you become more aware of the abundant well-being of Source
    in every moment."

    our hearts are singing
    we are rocking we are dancing in pure ecstacy
    and we ask again...

    What is God?
    "God is that song on the radio.
    God is that good feeling thought.
    God is that billboard on the highway
    that caught your attention and you found meaning in it.
    God is so incomprehensible that you cannot even begin to describe
    or detail the ways in which He/She is communicating with you.
    Source is everywhere that you focus and find meaning.
    God always communicating with you – but are you tuned in?"

    silence for a while
    and more answers coming...

    "Source is in the relief of everything. Source is the very movement of our consciousness through contrast towards new creation..."

    OMG in how deep dimensions we are diving my lover?

    "God is relief
    Relief is realizing Self.
    Relief is allowing well being
    Relief is literally the movement of energy caused by contrast.
    That is God right there
    the movement in everything
    Between everything
    Source is within all of it but rests in none of it
    That’s why we never find lasting happiness in destinations
    Because lasting happiness can only be found in the realization of permanent movement and expansion forward."

    it is the movement my love
    it is the journey
    do you feel this deep dimension my love?
    that we never will achieve our destination?

    isn't it wonderful?
    a brand new day is arriving
    the sun rising over Bagan Myamar
    the abodes of the temples in golden light
    the owl dissapeared
    but her spirit is still present
    in the NOW
    in the LOVE


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